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Matthew Yonally
Matthew Yonally



Matthew Yonally resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and son. A 30 year Wall Street veteran, Matt enjoys giving back to his community in his free time —  particularly in the areas of Christian outreach, education, healthcare, financial aid and cultural defense and enrichment.


Matthew Yonally has blogged about his interests in Christianity and education including topics like how to give back during the holiday season, the history of the Salvation Army and more. He also loves to travel and blogs about that as well. He has written about topics like how to travel alone, how to earn travel rewards and more.

When not busy on Wall Street, Matthew Yonally can usually be found in Paris, traveling abroad, skiing, or making olive oil from the groves his family owns that overlook the Pacific Ocean. Matthew Yonally loves spending time at the home he shares with his wife and son in Santa Barbara, California.  Whether it’s architecture in New York, opera in Vienna, or discovering an interesting bottle of Malbec in Buenos Aires, he’s always thinking about the next adventure and interesting find.

Trained as an economist, Matt has visited over 40 countries and been impacted deeply by the differences in cultures and how they frame their approaches to solving economic, social, political and spiritual problems.