Tips for Remaining Productive Throughout the Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time of year. They do come with one downfall though. Your productivity levels at work typically plummet during the holidays. What are some methods to stop this? Read on to find out:

Use Your Calendar

The holiday season sometimes gives us a reason to give into procrastination. It is critical that if you want to maintain productivity levels, you use your calendar. When you are able to look at your calendar, you can visualize what your week holds. It also lets you see where your time is going. Is your calendar consistently filled up with meetings? Now you know why your productivity levels are low.

Decorate your Work Space

Once December hits, people want to feel cozy and comfortable. Bring that into your work as well by decorating your office space. It will help you feel cheerful and in the holiday spirit even at work! You don’t have to spend too much money or time when decorating either. Simply bring in some items from home that remind you of the holidays and make you feel cozy.

Be Intentional

This tip applies year round but is especially helpful around the holidays. If you want to maintain productivity levels throughout the holidays, you must be intentional when deciding what you want to accomplish each day. For example, when you wake up in the morning and look at your calendar, before attacking the tasks on it, set a general intention. This could be that you completely wrap up work on one project or maybe that you begin work on another. Whatever your goal is, let your intention lead you. It is easier to become distracted during the holidays than any other time during the year, so be sure to stick to your intention.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday season and no one wants to be held back by work. By applying the above methods and techniques, you can still enjoy the holiday season without falling behind on your work. Be sure to use your calendar to keep track of events, both personal and professional. Decorate your work space during the holidays to bring some home to you. Lastly, be intentional when deciding on your tasks for the day. Remember that it is the holiday season and you will likely be distracted so prioritize your tasks each day.


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