What Are Employees Really Looking for in a Job?

In 2019, more and more businesses are treating their employees like customers. Due to the ease of switching from job to job, employers must provide a job that any employee would be hard-pressed to give up. What are employees really looking for in a job? Read on to find out what employees are really looking for in their job search:

The Workspace

The actual physical workplace where employees spend their days is extremely important. This means that the space needs to be clean, clear and functional.  Studies show that a well-designed and supportive workspace tailored to meet individual needs–whether an open collaborative area or private rooms or both–gives employees the freedom to work in the ways they feel is best.


The Well-being of the Employee

It is understood that in order for an employee to be happy and successful, they must love what they do. How can companies make that happen? Companies need to provide an environment where the employee feels energized by the work they are doing. In addition, there are five core factors that contribute to an employee’s well-being: physical safety and comfort, financial, social, purpose and a sense of community. When all of these factors are in place, the employee will want to continue working for the company.


Understanding of Their Role

Surprisingly, one of the things that employees point to most about their job is that they don’t have an understanding of their actual role. In fact, only 41 percent of employees “strongly agree” that their job description aligns well with the work they are asked to do. What can companies do to avoid this? From the outset of employment, management must make it clear exactly what the role entails. This includes all responsibilities. If an employee never comes to understand what their role is, how can they ever fulfill it?


When an employee has a safe and comfortable workspace, good well-being and a true understanding of their role in the company, they are much more likely to stay in their position. When employees feel uncomfortable, unsafe or unsure of their duties, the company risks high turnover.



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