How to Stay Mentally Strong When Dealing With a Toxic Coworker

Coworkers can make or break a job experience, and not all coworkers play nice. How should a toxic coworker be dealt with? Below are five ways to deal with toxic coworkers.
No Complaining
Do not complain. It’s tempting to complain about that coworker that has just made a suggestion to the manager that no one likes, but do not do it. Complaining about that coworker does nothing but sap energy that could be used for something more positive and productive.
Remain Empowered
Control is lost when some one is able to make another person feel like they’re less than or inadequate. No one should allow the toxic behaviors of any coworker to take a toll on their physical or mental health.
Remain in Control
Never wish for a coworker to change their ways, move to a new department, or change jobs. This is a drain, both time-wise and mentally. Put this energy into something positive instead. Either confront the toxic coworker or keep quiet. Pick one.
The Best Way is the Direct Way
Sometimes being direct is the best course of action. Don’t be passive. Set boundaries for clear outcomes, and set limits as needed on toxic behavior.

For example, a toxic coworker may need to be told that their critiques are too harsh and that they need to learn how to give constructive criticism in a positive manner. Toxic coworkers are not used to having limits set on them, so plan accordingly for anger.
Find Healthy Ways to Cope
A person’s physical and mental well-being is some of the most important aspects of their lives. Be sure to take time away from a toxic coworker and use that time in a productive and positive manner.
Go to the gym. Work on skills for gratitude, yoga, and meditation. Also be sure to attend social and leisure activities outside of work. It’s great to bond with coworkers, but it’s also pertinent to build bonds with others outside of the workplace.
Seek Help
If none of the above tips work, it may be time to speak with a representative from human resources. If that toxic coworker is still being allowed to oppress others with their toxic behavior, get a referral from a physician to speak to a therapist.


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